Why CoWorking Works

Why move your small business to a coworking space?

With the business model shift today from mortar-based businesses to mobile / remote working environments, some small and start-up companies – especially small legal or accounting firms, tech developers, franchisees, manufacturing reps, graphic designers, and insurance or financial satellite offices – are in need of the benefits offered by a larger working environment.

Face-to-face meetings with clients still must happen from time to time. Secure wifi is needed for transfer of sensitive and/or proprietary information online. A place for everything needed to run your business without dragging it to and from wifi-enabled restaurants or piling it all on a dining room table keeps business items organized. And getting away from all of the distractions that surround a business person at home – household chores, laundry, social media, kids, dogs. . .you name it – is a necessity to keep a business running smoothly and operating in a timely manner.

You can have what you’re looking for – a quiet, secure, and attractive work environment and wifi, a designated lockable desk or private office, meeting space for clients, kitchen privileges, and restrooms you don’t have to clean – for a fraction of the cost of setting up your own space. And you only pay for the space you need – short-term, long-term – all on your terms.

Quick and Easy
A coworking space eliminates the hassle and expense of setting up an office yourself. Instead you can bring your favorite coffee cup, some paper for the printer, and you are in business.
It’s quick and easy to get started. There are no delays when you become a coworking space member. You can literally call today, register online, and get started in your new office tomorrow. The coworking space owner handles all the details. You focus on doing your best work.

Location, Location, Location
With a coworking space membership, your office can be located exactly where you want it to be. You

Modern, Tech-Powered Space
Many coworking spaces offer inspiring interior design that is welcoming and mood lifting. And who doesn’t need that? With secure wifi and access, coworking spaces also offer comfort along with technology. You can choose to stay in your designated private office or rest your back while

Collaborative Environment
The work environment of coworking spaces is often collaborative and friendly, offering members many positive opportunities to thrive through networking with other small business owners.

Garrett CoWorking Center in Hazelwood, Missouri, is an affordable alternative for small businesses that want to build, grow, and connect. For more information about how Garrett CoWorking Center can work for your small business, call us at 636.236.8452 to schedule a tour!